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10 May 2012

Big day for team AddThis

I'm psyched about our AddThis release this morning -- the team has been rocking it. Here's what gets me going.

New Tools

We released new social plugins to help websites increase traffic and engagement. Here's the official summary post.

New Analytics

I won't go too much into it here as its covered pretty well in the blog post, but all of the new tools are backed by the typically-great AddThis analytics. But we're also now able to tell you about text that users are copying out of pages. Want to see the terms that are resonating with users, and might be good candidates for some intra-site links, or even be part of your SEO plans? We can do that. So on top of measuring ALL sharing on your site, we're measuring all sorts of additional user engagement as well.  And yes, you can do this even without using AddThis for your site's sharing.

New Website

The most obvious piece of the release is probably that addthis.com looks completely different. Its a wonderfully clean and sophisticated visual presentation, and I'm extremely proud of the design team for pulling this one together. We even have some real-time geo data on the home page, no fakery.  Some of the team that worked on this aspect of things will probably be talking a lot more about it on their blogs -- check in with Jim, Foo, and Jeff.

New Numbers

How big is AddThis, and how many customers do we actually have? We've put out some new public numbers:

We were big data before it was cool.

New Positioning

We've been known for a long time as a sharing tool. We're the biggest and the best, so great. But we're a lot more than that, and this is the first time we've been really out there talking about the extent of our platform and its capabilities, under one unified AddThis name. Surf the site, see all the different things we can bring to the table.  Pretty proud of the portfolio: big data + social infrastructure.

So we've got a lot going on here today. And this on the heels of another announcement I'm proud of. I'll update with the press coverage.

Oh, and we're hiring.

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