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21 May 2010

rel="source-code": A Link Relation for Source Code Location

How do you indicate, in a page, where the location of the sourcecode for the software in question is located?  How about something like this?

<link rel="source-code" href="http://www.example.com/git/whatever" />

How to Use It

The relation, simply put, allows you to link to a resource that contains the source code related to the current resource.  The relation takes on two primary uses:


This came up as a side thread in a discussion recently between a few folks at IIW about WebFinger and general Link relation lookup.  All we wanted was an easy way to locate the source code for a demo.

What do you think -- sensible?  Does anything close to this exist already?  It seems there is a wide variety of ways to get a relation into common use, ranging from formal RFCs to a shared wiki to just throwing it into the blogosphere.  But hey, I just wanted to float the idea.


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