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6 September 2009

Mazdaspeed 3 Project

[Part of my Mazdaspeed 3 project series -- see cars]

A video of this car from AFKfest 2009 in Baltimore.

And a bit of background in the NY Times.



I have a 2008.5 Mazda MAZDASPEED 3 (affordable and speedy) with a growing list of modifications. A full custom Car PC/carputer setup, audio system, a bunch of appearance mods inside and out, and some engine mods next on the list.


This is a summary of what I've done to the thing in general, check sub-pages for details on the electronics and software stuff.

External Appearance Mods

Some pics:

Mazdaspeed 3

Interior Mods

Here's a shot of most of the interior:

Performance Mods

Waiting for the warranty to lapse first, here's what's planned:

Computer and Audio System

There's a lot of stuff going on here, including an audio and carputer setup.

Take a look at my ELECTRONICS PAGE.


Interior, exterior, PC, and install pictures are all in MY FLICKR STREAM.


This kind of thing is easy once you find people to talk to about it with you. Specifically, many thanks to all of the good people over at:

Also, though it can get a bit spammy, its nice to be able to find other installs on CarDomain.

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