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5 July 2009

Mazdaspeed 3 Project - Graphic and Audio Assets

[Part of my Mazdaspeed 3 project series]

The Basics

In the course of working on my MAZDASPEED Car PC I came up with a few graphic and other assets that helped in all kinds of different skinning and customization tasks. Most of these are edited or chopped up from original open source stuff found online, some with pretty substantial edits, and some are original. Either way, if you're working on a Mazda setup, or any other setup with red/amber interior lighting, feel free to grab anything here. You can also check other pages for stuff specific to DashCommand, Centrafuse, or backgrounds for Alpine head units.

Audio Clips

A few silly audio clips that I use as system start/shutdown sounds, made by recording a text-to-speech voice. You know, for kids. "Save as" to grab the clips.

Desktop Wallpapers

Looking for something red/amber and abstract looking for the background on your car pc desktop? Here are a couple I use (if you can figure out who made these originally, let me know, as I can't find the right attribution other than to know that they were free)... Click for the full-res version and save-as to download.

Mazda and MAZDASPEED Logo Assets

It took me a while to find logo type images I liked, for Mazda as well as MAZDASPEED. I then spent a while tweaking them for different sizes, color schemes, and formats. I use these, for example, in my Centrafuse skin and on my Alpine head unit skin. Here are a few representative examples:

You can download a bunch of different versions of these, in different colors and sizes:


And because no system is complete without the uber-retro Monaco font:

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