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30 May 2007

Last.fm and the Big Boxification of the Web

For anyone that doesn't agree with my general premise that big media and big tech will turn web 2.0 into American Idol style boredom, CBS acquiring last.fm is arguably a good example. I am a long-time user of last.fm, and a huge fan of the AudioScrobbler stuff underneath it. It was great before it was a social network. I was a user when the blogosphere was down on them. The CBS news is great for the last.fm team (congrats), but as a general sign of the consolidation trend...hmm. There's nothing inherently wrong with CBS buying them, but for anyone that believes in the culture of innovation, startups, and the true long tail, this situation in which increasingly the only exit for web startups is acquisition by one of 15 or 20 big players is nothing to be happy about. I loved FeedBurner, I loved Keyhole, I loved last.fm. It's the "big-boxification" of the web, my friends.

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